Nov. 6, Rising Sun, Md. / Cessna 152


At about 15:50 EST, a Cessna 152 crashed during takeoff from a private grass strip in Rising Sun. The two CFIs aboard were uninjured. One CFI was giving a biennial flight review to the other. After about 15 minutes of performing maneuvers in the local practice area, the pilots decided to perform touch-and-goes at a nearby private grass strip. They determined the winds were from the northwest at 5-10 knots and landed on runway 31. The strip sloped uphill, with power lines at the departure end and trees at the approach end. The flying CFI tried to make a short-field takeoff but the other CFI aborted the attempt. The flying CFI then taxied to the end of the strip and tried to take off in the opposite direction. The other CFI again aborted the takeoff and noted the end of the runway was approaching. He tried to turn the airplane into a field adjacent to the strip, but the airplane struck trees with the left wing.


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