Nov. 7, Chamblee, Ga. / Cessna 210


At 10:54 EST, a Cessna 210N crashed and burned while trying to make an emergency landing at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport. The pilot was killed. The airplane had just departed PDK when the pilot reported a landing gear problem and smoke in the cockpit. The pilot was instructed to enter visual traffic for runway 2R and he was cleared to land. As the airplane neared touchdown the controller told the pilot that the landing gear did not appear to be locked and instructed the pilot to go around. When the airplane flew by the control tower, the tower controller noticed smoke coming from the airplane. The pilot climbed from runway 2R and tried to line up with runway 27. The tower controller again instructed the pilot to go-around, this time because a crash vehicle was on runway 27. Seconds later, the tower controller cleared the pilot to land on any runway. The airplane touched down in the grassy area between the approach ends of runways 2L and 2R. The cockpit and cabin areas of the airframe sustained extensive fire damage.


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