Oct. 17, Van Nuys, Calif. / Beech King Air and Gulfstream 1


At 15:50 Pacific time, a Beech C90 collided in midair with a Gulfstream G-159 while both aircraft were on four-mile final approaches to runway 16R at Van Nuys. Both aircraft landed safely and with no injuries to any of the occupants. The Beech was flying VFR and had been cleared to make a visual approach. The Gulfstream had been cleared for an ILS approach. The Beech pilot said he was three to four miles out on final for 16R when there was a shadow over his aircraft and the nose of the Gulfstream became visible in the top of his windshield. Immediately there was a loud bang, his aircraft rocked violently, and he thinks it turned to the right. He looked outside and saw damage to the left wing. The communications radio antenna had been broken off and he could neither transmit nor hear the tower. He proceeded to land. The pilot of the Gulfstream received two traffic advisories from controllers about the Beech but reported not getting a TCAS annunciation. After the collision the Gulfstream pilot wasnt aware they had hit, but saw the King Air and initiated a go-around. They flew by the tower and were told the flaps and gear looked normal, so they landed without further incident.


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