Oct. 3, Greenville, Maine / Piper Aerostar


At about 12:15 EDT, a Piper PA-60-700P was damaged while landing at the Greenville Municipal Airport, but the two occupants were not injured. The Greenville Municipal Airport was serviced by two runways, runway 03/21 and runway 14/32. At the time of the accident, runway 14/32 was closed for construction and a NOTAM had been issued. The pilot made a straight in approach to the runway, which was not marked with an X and which had operating PAPI lights. He said he could not see the construction due to a crown in the runway. When he passed the crown, there was not enough time to stop the airplane. The correct runway closed markings had been placed on runway 32. The pilot said he had obtained his preflight briefing via computer but had not noticed the NOTAM on the runway closure.


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