October 12, 2005, Phoenix, Ariz. / Boeing 737 and Boeing 737


At 2018 Mountain time, a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-7H4 collided on the ground with a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-3H4 at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Both airplanes were operating as scheduled domestic passenger flights under Part 121 The collision occurred following the landing of one 737 on Runway 26. The Boeing proceeded south on Taxiway R and was turning clockwise onto Taxiway D when its left winglet hit the other 737s right horizontal stabilizer. The arriving 737 sustained minor damage to its left winglet. The other 737, which was standing with its brakes set at intersection D13, sustained substantial damage to its right horizontal stabilizer. There were a total of 10 crewmembers and 127 passengers aboard both Boeings. None of the occupants were injured. Night visual conditions prevailed.


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