October 17, 2010, Southern Pines, N.C., Loehle 5151 Mustang Experimental


The airplane was destroyed when it collided with trees at 1435 Eastern time. The private pilot was seriously injured. Visual conditions prevailed. The accident airplane was flying in formation with another airplane when the accident pilot reported his “wings were fluttering and he was losing control of the airplane.” The other pilot observed the accident airplane in a slow, banking turn. According to the pilot, it appeared the accident pilot was trying to make it to the road, but he “couldnt keep control” of the airplane. The pilot noted the wings were “fluttering” in an up-and-down direction.

A witness, who was also a military helicopter pilot, observed the accident airplane at an altitude of 300 feet above the ground flying toward him “making a loud, banging noise.” Another witness observed the accident airplane complete several 30-degree right turns, while losing significant altitude. The witness stated during the last turn, the airplane “rolled and went nose-first into the ground.” The witness additionally reported that it appeared the pilot “had no control over the airplane at that point.”


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