October 20, Kissimmee, Fla. / North American Texan and Cessna Skyhawk


At 12:50 eastern time, a North American SNJ-6 collided on the ground with a Cessna 172R after landing at Kissimmee Municipal Airport. The Cessna landed on runway 6 and cleared the runway at taxiway Delta. The ground controller advised the Cessna pilot to hold there momentarily. Meanwhile, the Texan landed on runway 6 and was advised by the controller to follow the Cessna. The pilot of the Texan reported that the Cessna was in sight and turned off the runway onto taxiway Delta. The pilot of the Texan then lost sight of the Cessna, and the Texans propeller subsequently collided with the tail of the Cessna. The Texan sustained minor damage, and the Cessnas empennage was destroyed.


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