Sept. 1, Bayfield, Colo. / RV-4


At about 11:05 MDT, a homebuilt RV-4 crashed while maneuvering about six miles northeast of Bayfield. The pilot and passenger were killed. A friend in another RV-4 said the two pilots had planned to go to Durango and back as a flight of two airplanes. He took off first, and the accident airplane departed shortly thereafter. During the return, he radioed the accident airplane but got no response. He circled back and found the wreckage of the second airplane. Several witnesses said the two airplanes were flying at low altitude, with the accident airplane lower. One witness said he saw the accident airplane perform a barrel roll, immediately followed by a vertical loop. A witness on the property adjacent to the accident site said the airplane did not appear to have enough altitude to be able to recover from the loop.


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