Sept. 12, North Adams, Mass. / Cessna 337C and Cessna 305C


At 13:29 EDT, a Cessna 337C and a Cessna 305C collided in mid-air while conducting flybys at an airshow at Harriman and West Airport. Both pilots were killed. The 337 was painted to resemble an O-2 US Air Force Vietnam era observation airplane and the 305 was painted to resemble a US Army L-19, a Korean war and Vietnam era training and observation airplane. The two airplanes were part of a flight of three. The 337 was restricted to a minimum altitude of 500 feet agl and the 305 was restricted from climbing above 200 feet agl. The 305 was paired with an O-59 World War II observation plane. The 337 had made one pass over the field and was coming around for a second pass when the airplane started to descend. The O-59 passed without incident. The 305 was making its first pass and, at about show center, began to climb. The left wing of the 337 struck the aft fuselage of the 305.


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