Sept. 3, West Palm Beach, Fla. / Beech King Air


At about 03:25 EDT, a Beech B-90 King Air crashed on approach to Palm Beach International Airport. All eight occupants were killed. The flight had originated at 23:32 from Pontiac, Mich., enroute to Boca Raton, Fla. The flight plan called for a time enroute of five hours and listed fuel on board at six hours. At 03:14 the pilot made initial contact with the Palm Beach controllers and was told no weather information was available for Boca Raton. At 03:23 the pilot asked to land at PBI and was cleared from 6,000 feet to 1,500 feet. The pilot reported the airport in sight and was cleared for a visual approach. At 03:25:27, a radio transmission from the flight said, …Alpha Sierra, we need, ah, we got Mayday, A/Sierra … Mayday. At 03:25:40, a sheriffs department helicopter reported the crash and asked that the fire department be sent to the scene. Witnesses that saw the airplane just before impact said that the airplane was low, and they did not see any fire while the airplane was in-flight.


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