Beechcraft A36 Bonanza

Damaged Camshaft Gear Teeth

During climbout, pilot heard engine noise. At 6000 feet agl, engine was shut down and pilot landed at nearest airport. Engine tear down revealed approximately 12 cam gear teeth damaged on p/n 655516A.

Part total time: Unknown

Cessna 172M Skyhawk

Premature Camshaft Wear

During a 100-hour inspection, cylinder #4 differential compression check found satisfactory limits. Upon further inspection, #4 intake and #3 exhaust camshaft lobes displayed premature wear. The engine was removed for repair.

Part total time: Unknown

Cessna 172N Skyhawk

Failed Camshaft

At 682 hours SMOH, camshaft was replaced by different facility. Now, 142 hours later, engine received due to metal contamination from camshaft failure. Failed part was a regrind of a Superior SL16511 camshaft, date code 2004.

Part total time: 143.0 hours

Cessna 180H

Faulty Valve Lifters/Camshaft

Oil analysis showed persistently high iron levels but cause was undetermined. (Aircraft is flown 200 hours/year; the high iron levels did not result from disuse.) A technician determined the iron is from faulty valve lifters, part of a new camshaft kit installed at the previous overhaul. The valve lifters are making metal in the engine by causing improper wear on the cams.

Part total time: 600.0 hours


Cessna TU206F Turbo Stationair

Worn Camshaft

Found excessive ferrous metal in oil filter during normal maintenance. Upon inspection, found five of six cam lobes spalled. This is the second worn camshaft in this engine in three years.

Part total time: 265.0 hours


Cirrus SR22

Broken Camshaft

After engine failure, inspection revealed the #3 exhaust valve pushrod tube housing was broken and its pushrod was bent. Compression check determined cylinders #2, #3, #4 and #5 had no compression. Inspected all cylinders with borescope, found no valve movement on all cylinders. Suspect broken camshaft.

Part total time: 1081.0 hours


Mooney M20F Executive 21

Worn Camshaft Lobes

Inspection of oil filter revealed small ferrous metal particles. #1 cylinder was removed. The #1 intake tappet was severely galled. On disassembly, all camshaft lobes were found to be worn and damaged to varying degrees and all but two tappet bodies were severely galled.

Metal contamination rendered oil pump, all bearings, piston-pin plugs and all pistons unserviceable. Camshaft and lifters were installed new at overhaul.

Part total time: 132.0 hours


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