Control Cables

The following information is derived from the FAA's Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Beechcraft Model 58 Baron

Broken Propeller Control Cable

While en route, the right engine oversped to 3500 rpm and had no control. Shut the engine down and landed with no further problem.  Maintenance ran the right engine and it made takeoff power, but had no propeller control. Found prop control cable broken. Going to remove and scrap both the engine and propeller because of over-speed condition.

Part total time: Unknown

Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP

Premature Aileron Cable Wear

Wear has occurred in two separate places, both direct cables (p/n 0510105-260) and the crossover cable (p/n 0510105-264) wore at the pulleys in the cabin overhead and direct cables (p/n 0510105-262) and crossover cables (p/n 0510105-264, 0510105-265) wore in both wings at the phenolic rub strips.

Part total time: 1749.0 hours

Diamond Aircraft DA20-C1

Frayed Rudder Cable

During inspection, maintenance found pilot-side right hand forward rudder cable to be frayed at rudder pedal S tube. New cable was fabricated and installed per Diamond maintenance manual.

Part total time: 2709.0 hours

Eclipse 500

Damaged Pitch Servo Cable

During takeoff roll, flight crew noticed anomalies with the pitch control and aborted the takeoff. Inspected and troubleshot pitch system. Found pitch control servo cable retaining ball dislodged from the ball insert on the pitch control servo cable barrel. Installed servo control cable on servo barrel, ensuring installation of retaining ball into ball insert. Tested pitch system many times with no discrepancies. Aircraft test-flown with no flight control discrepancies.

Part total time: 1212.0 hours

Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six

Empennage Control Cable

Aircraft Control cable found cracked during annual inspection. AD 2013-02-13 and SB 1245A previously complied with the 2000-hour, seven-year inspection not due at the time the crack was found. Crack became evident when a slight bending load was placed on the control cable terminal end. Appears to be a stress crack within the terminal barrel where the cable bottoms out.

Part total time: Unknown


Piper PA-44-180 Seminole

Frayed Flap Cable

During a landing gear check, the warning horn failed to sound when the flaps were extended 25 degrees. Investigation revealed the microswitch was not activating because the flap cable had frayed more than 50 percent of its thickness, causing the flap control system and microswitch to become improperly rigged. Four of the seven wire bundles had broken and were separated in a broomstraw pattern at the turnbuckle swage.

Part total time: 2267.0 hours


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