Exhaust Systems

The following is derived from the FAA's Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Cessna T182T Turbocharged Skylane

Cracked Wastegate Attach Flange

During annual inspection, overboard exhaust pipe was discovered cracked and leaking at the waste gate attach flange.

Part total time: Unknown

Cessna T206H Turbocharged Stationair

Disengaged Slip Joint

Overboard exhaust elbow, between the wastegate and the tailpipe disengaged by the slip-joint from wastegate flange, p/n 1250992-4. No clamp failure was evident.

Part total time: 604.0 hours

Cessna TTx T240

Incorrect Manufacture/Installation

The right exhaust tailpipe was found incorrectly installed or manufactured. During flight, the tailpipe chafed the firewall, p/n 2813102-8, and the flame shield p/n 2813100-13, resulting in a hole through the firewall.

Part total time: 50.0 hours

Cessna 402C Businessliner

Cracked Overboard Pipe

Pilot reported on preflight: right engine main exhaust stack loose.  Upon inspection, maintenance found the right overboard exhaust pipe cracked.

Part total time: Unknown

Cessna T206H Turbocharged Stationair

Cracked Exhaust Pipe

Defective part is cracked at a weld and had to be replaced under warranty. The defective item is part of a kit, part number 05J2883. The kit was installed approximately 60 hours ago as a terminating action to AD 17-11-10.

Part total time: 60.0 hours

Diamond DA42 Twin Star

Broken Exhaust Pipe

Exhaust broke off during takeoff roll, allowing exhaust gases to burn the lower cowling and burn into the cabin heat air inlet, which allowed the smoke into the cabin.

Part total time: 187.0 hours

Piper PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage

Partially Separated Crossover

Engine exhaust crossover piping partially separated, causing loss of turbocharger boost, and damaging wiring and air-conditioner hoses at the rear of the engine. Also damaged cowling seals and paint, caused heat damage to the engine oil filter and the baggage compartment firewall supports on the left side.

Part total time: 1546.0 hours

Piper PA-60-601P Pressurized Aerostar

Missing Crossover Tube

Climbing through 13,000 feet msl, the pilot reported loss of manifold pressure on the left engine and returned to the airport for a normal landing. Heat and exhaust staining were found on the lower cowl. After removing the cowling, approximately four inches of the exhaust balance tube was missing. The missing piece was not found.

Part total time: Unknown


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