Frayed, Stuck, Cracked

The following information is derived from the FAA’s Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Cessna 172P Skyhawk
Cracked Seat Frame
The pilot’s lower seat frame support legs cracked at the frame rail cut outs where they attach to the seat-height adjustment arms. Seat frame p/n: 05142047.
Part Total Time: 5150.0 hours


Cessna 182T Skylane
Cracked Fuselage Bulkhead Flanges
Cracks were found in the flange of both the l/h and r/h fuselage bulkheads at station 17. The cracks are radiating from the upper bolt hole where the fueling step attaches. The bolt hole(s) appear too close to the bend radius of the bulkhead (p/n: 0713787110713787), causing distress when the bolt is tightened. This is the second instance found in post-1996 aircraft.
Part Total Time: 496.0 hours

Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
Collapsed Engine Vent Line
The pilot reported an unusual amount of oil was being consumed and oil pressure was fluctuating. There were no external signs of an oil leak. When bleed air was turned on, a fine mist of oil issued from the heater vents. Troubleshooting found the engine vent line (p/n: S51-14) had collapsed, internally pressurizing the case and causing the oil to leak internally into the compressor.
Part Total Time: (unknown)

Mooney M20J
Blocked Fuel Tank Drains
This aircraft has been repeatedly repaired to correct fuel leaks, with every drain hole covered up, allowing water and fuel to collect in the outboard bays. Also, the drain valve receptacle rain holes were covered with sealant, causing water to collect up to one-half inch before it could be removed over the top of the receptacle—instead of the bottom.
The aircraft experienced a rough-running engine on takeoff. Upon opening the tanks, a large amount of water was found, even after a complete draining, with significant fuel trapped in the middle bay.
The submitter recommends making AD 85-24-03 repetitive instead of one-time.
Part Total Time: (unknown)

Mooney M20TN
Loose Engine Isolator Mount Bolts
All four engine isolator mount bolts were found loose during inspection. The bolts lack safety wire or locking provisions. Also found were several areas of chafing the engine not being securely mounted.
New isolator mounts and bolts were obtained but the engine mount brackets do not align with the engine bed mount focal rings. The engine bed mount focal ring centerlines are too narrow by 0.2500 inches on all four corners. No deformities of the bed mount (p/n: 590030501) were noted.
Part Total Time: 944.0 hours


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