Hose Woes

Cessna single retract owners apparently ignoring service bulletin on hydraulic hose swap.


The FAA says it has received a number of reports of failed landing gear hydraulic hoses in Cessna 177RGs and Cessna 210s. In several cases, the failures have resulted in the loss of hydraulic fluids and in some cases in the inability to extend the landing gear at all. The hose failures involve S2178-4 series hoses, which are identified in a 1992 Cessna service bulletin as requiring replacement. The bulletin, SEB-92-8, specifies replacing the original hoses with S2888 series hoses. Because service bulletins are not mandatory for Part 91 operations, the FAA says it appears that many operators have not upgraded the hose in question.

Beech A36 Bonanza
Broken Control Cable Turnbuckle

During an annual inspection, the technician discovered the aileron cable turnbuckle forward of the aft spar was broken, with only safety wire holding the cable together.Investigation revealed the cable had been contacting the aft heat duct and suffered internal corrosion from contact with the wire in the heat duct. The fitting showed no sign of wear of external corrosion.

Beech 58P Baron
Loose Bearing

During cruise flight, the pilot noted the RPM of the right engine fluctuated 100-200 RPM and manifold pressure fluctuated 1 inch to 2 inches.During a ground run, the technician replicated the problem and traced it to a defective left magneto. Further investigation showed a bearing in the distributor block had failed.Part total time – 189 hours.

Cessna 152
Broken Fuel Tank Strap

During removal of the right fuel tank wing panel, the technician discovered the aft fuel tank strap was broken.Because of the broken strap, the screen assembly had chafed through the top of the fuel tank, causing a fuel leak.

Cessna 172P
Failed Ending Bearing

After metal contamination of the oil system appeared, the engine was examined for wear.Investigation found the No. 4 main bearing had failed and excessive wear appeared on the No. 3 main bearing. The bearing surface contained cracks that indicated adjoining areas were distressed and in danger of imminent failure.

Cessna 172RG
Main Landing Gear Actuator

During a scheduled inspection, the technician found the left main gear actuator cap bushing unseated. During a ground test, he noted the bushing interfered with the brake swivel fitting. The part was replaced according the manufacturers instructions, and 100 hours later the same condition was found in both actuator caps.The problem may stem from the adhesive called for the in service kit being incompatible with the grease or hydraulic fluid in the actuators.Part total time – 984 hours.

Cessna 177RG
Landing Gear Failure

After a gear collapse on landing, technicians found that the right main gear downlock switch was stuck in the closed position.Because the left main gear downlock switch was also operating improperly, the aircraft indicated the gear was down and locked when it was not.

Cessna 182S Skylane
ELT Corrosion

During an annual inspection, the technician discovered the battery had corroded.The corrosion disabled the ELT, discolored the battery case and caused damage to the ELTs plastic cover.

Diamond DA-20-A1 Katana
Engine Failure

Inspection revealed the exhaust valve in the No. 1 cylinder had broken between the stem and the valve head, allowing the valve to drop into the combustion area.The failure damaged the piston and eventually led to engine stoppage. Visible damage on the valve train components was consistent with the improper venting of the lifter lubrication system, which is addressed by service bulletin 912-036 and AD 2002-21-16. There was no indication the AD, released two months earlier, had been accomplished.

Learjet 35A
Pneumatic Distribution System

A recently processed Malfunction or Defect Report cited failure of the bleed air shutoff and pressure regulator control valve.The submitter stated that the low-pressure butterfly portion of the control valve came apart. An investigation revealed that the hinge pin apparently failed.

Mooney M20M
Landing Gear Failure

The left main landing gear failed to extend, leading to a gear-up landing.Upon inspection, technicians discovered the hinge pivot point between the shock strut and the gear leg spindle assembly had seized due to a lack of lubrication. This caused the gear to retract improperly and jam in the wheel well.The bearing surface involved does not have a grease fitting, making lubrication of the pivot point troublesome.

Piper PA-23-160 Apache
Nose Landing Gear System

During landing gear retraction, the pilot heard a bang. There was no nose gear indication of gear extension. Upon landing, the nose landing gear down-and-locked green light appeared, and he made a safe landing.An investigation revealed the hydraulic actuator connector links broke in half which also ripped open the bolt holes for the nose landing gear locking link.Part total time-4,299 hours.

Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain
Landing Gear System

The pilot reported the gear would not extend. He made a gear-up landing, and the passengers and pilot exited the aircraft.After landing the aircraft, the pilot made many attempts to troubleshoot the system; however, the gear failed to extend.An investigation determined that the end of the gear selector cable pin had been installed improperly, which allowed it to separate from the hydraulic powerpack actuator arm.According to the submitter, the cable end is located on the powerpack in an extremely close quarter, which makes it difficult for pin installation.

Piper PA-34-200T Seneca
Heater Fuel Leak

During maintenance for an unrelated problem, the technician noticed a strong fuel smell in the cabin.Investigation revealed a corroded heater fuel line approximately at fuselage station 165 was leaking. The carpet ahead of passenger seat six was soaked with fuel.

Vans RV8
Propeller Malfunction

The pilot reported the propeller would cycle normally during a runup, but in flight the prop would become uncontrollable. Investigation revealed that an allen screw in the prop governor had backed out of the rear of the unit. The screw was caught by an internal gasket screen. The screw may not have been properly tightened at the factory.Part total time – 673 hours.

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