Landing Gear Struts


The following information is derived from the FAA’s Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.

Beechcraft/Raytheon G36 Bonanza

Misaligned Nosegear Attach Points

During a landing gear retraction test, the nose wheel assembly would contact the right nose gear door’s aft hinge. It was also noted that the nose wheel assembly would contact the nose wheel well structure when fully retracted. Precision measurements determined that the nose strut assembly (p/n 368200201) attach points were misaligned.

Part total time: 124.0 hours

Boeing-Stearman PT-17 Kaydet

Cracked Left Gear Oleo Strut

During routine inspection, hydraulic fluid residue was discovered inside the top of left the main gear oleo strut. Investigation revealed the hydraulic fluid could only come from the strut. The assembly was removed for troubleshooting and top of oleo strut (p/n E75N12643) was found cracked, allowing the hydraulic fluid to seep out. If left unattended, the strut could collapse and cause a ground loop. Assembly will be replaced with a rebuilt unit.

Part total time: 2931.0 hours

Cessna 172S Skyhawk

Damaged Strut Retaining Pins

During a routine inspection, the nose gear oleo strut was disassembled for replacement of O-rings. The technician found the inner strut tube’s retaining pins at the top were damaged, allowing lower part of tube to be worked loose from upper part. The only way to find this type of damage is to completely disassemble the nose strut.

Part total time: 1514.0 hours

Diamond DA42 Twin star

Failed Rod End Attachment Point

An actuator rod end fits between two tabs on the main landing gear strut assembly. On inspection, one of those tabs was found completely broken off. Where the tab broke off on the strut assembly, there was half shiny metal and half dirty metal, which usually means it had been cracked for a while before it broke.

Part total time: 9528.0 hours

Piper J-3-C65 Cub

Failed Main Landing Gear Strut

Aircraft was flown for 45 hours on snow skis before the right main landing gear strut broke during low-speed taxi. The shock strut broke halfway down the tube, with no signs of previous cracking. Break occurred during compression of the shock strut (p/n 3056200) due to high side loads from heavy snow and ice.

Part total time: 5025.0 hours

Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee 140

Failed Attach Point

After landing, the upper link attach point failed on the main landing gear strut cylinder, p/n 65319-002. This failure caused the oleo strut to be ejected from the cylinder, causing major damage to the aircraft. SB 1311 addresses this issue.

Part total time: 7000.0 hours


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