Landing Gear Troubles


The following information is derived from the FAA’s Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.

Cessna 210L Centurion

Intermittent Indications

On liftoff, the green gear indicator light went off. The pilot tried to retract the gear, but nothing happened. He put the gear in the down position but did not get a safe indication. The ATCT confirmed the gear appeared to be down. He pumped the gear 2-3 times and finally got a green light, landing without further incident.

Part total time: 21,629.0 hours

Cirrus SR20

Cracked Nose Gear

Cracks were discovered adjacent to a weld on the nose landing gear. Referencing service bulletin SB2X-32-22R1, this is a chronic problem discovered on a fleet of SR20 (T-53) aircraft operated by the USAF, with 22 out of 24 aircraft discovered with cracks.

Part total time: 2408.0 hours

Piper PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer

Internal Corrosion

Right landing gear rusted from inside out where forward support tube joins the axle. Found when spotted a rust line. Using punch and small hammer, discovered the complete area was corroded.

Part total time: 2560.0 hours

Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II/II

Cracked Axle Stub

During routine inspection, the axle stub was found cracked 75 percent of the way around. Area involved was in the ear where the scissors attach at the lower end casting. Where scissors attach, both ears were cracked on the inside and extending across the width of the ear.

Part total time: Unknown

Piper PA-32RT-300T Turbo Lance II

Broken Right Main Landing Gear

The right main landing gear broke into two pieces after a normal landing. There was no history of hard landings that might have stressed the gear, and the aircraft was not overweight. The main body of the trunnion broke approximately half way down the body, along with the oleo rod. There were no past log book discrepancies that would indicate any airworthiness issues with the landing gear.

Part total time: Unknown

PA-46R-350T Matrix

Nose Gear Steering Failure

Aircraft suffered mechanical failure of the nose gear assembly. Tire impressions indicate the nose gear tire was not centered, and possibly completely sideways. Five total M600 aircraft have experienced similar runway excursions. Piper Service Letter 1286 calls for frequent and stringent checks of tolerances in the nose gear assembly and components.

Part total time: Unknown


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