Squawk Box: 09/05


The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


American General AG-5B
Seatbelt Doubler Installation

While replacing the rear passenger seatbelts, it was discovered the p/n 5102330-6 reinforcement plate had been installed on the forward side of the aft seat bulkhead under the seatbelt attach bracket. The -6 plate should have been installed on the aft side of the bulkhead in accordance with AG Drawing 5102299. Furthermore, an MS20364-1032 (thin shear nut) was used to secure the AN3-5A retaining bolts. MS 20365-1032 or MS21042-3 nuts should have been installed as called out on the drawing. This arrangement results in reduced seatbelt attachment strength when compared with the design configuration. This aircraft appeared to have the original seatbelts installed, so it is likely this improper installation was accomplished during assembly.The submitter recommends owners of AG-5B aircraft manufactured by American General Aircraft have their rear seatbelt outboard attach brackets inspected for proper installation of the -6 plate and proper attach hardware prior to carrying rear passengers. (This was the second AG-5B found by this repair station with these discrepancies.)Part Total Time: 5944.9.

Cessna Single Engine Models
Improper Ground Handling

Service experience and engineering tests show damage can be caused by excessive loads being imposed on the horizontal stabilizer when improper procedures are used during ground handling. It is important that pushing forces be applied close to the fuselage when moving an aircraft by the horizontal stabilizer. Check the procedures given in your Cessna Service Manuals. The best procedure for ground handling would be to use a tow bar.

Cessna Single Engine Models
Alt. Static Source Markings
The Alternate Static Source Kit

(p/n AK210-48L) contains an improperly marked placard (p/n 0505005-1). The placards markings indicating the valve is open when it is actually closed, and vice versa.Cessna has been contacted and will correct, states the mechanic. We wonder how many kits have been installed.

Cessna FIXED-GEAR Single Engine Models
Wheel Fairing Scrapers

Cessna airplanes fitted with wheel fairings incorporate a scraper adjacent to the tire. Damage will result if the correct clearance is not set between the tire and scraper. You should check the clearance when the scraper is disturbed, when the tire is changed and when speed fairings are installed. Adjust the clearance to have a minimum of 0.55 inch to a maximum of 0.80 inch. The clearance allows for tire growth due to rotational speed and aging. Although tread wears off the tire with use, age growth increases the tire size faster than wear decreases it. Low tire pressure may change the rolling shape of the tire, which can cause tire-to-scraper interference as well, so maintaining proper tire pressures is also important. Cessna has recently revised several maintenance manuals to incorporate this information and it will be included when older manuals are revised.


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