Aspen Avionics Evolution ES


The Evolution E5 is Aspen’s entry-level electronic flight instrument. Like the Garmin G5 stack, it combines an artificial horizon and a heading indicator but, unlike with two G5s, these capabilities are in one unit. That complicates the redundancy consideration somewhat, but the E5 also incorporates a backup battery.

In my installation, it’s likely an additional interface will be required to connect with my autopilot, adding some cost and complexity. Additionally, an externally mounted sensor module is required, which incorporates a magnetometer, GPS antenna and temperature probe. It’s also likely I would want to retain my electric-powered attitude indicator as a backup.

As with the G5, no moving map is available with the E5, nor is ADS-B weather or traffic displayed. However, Aspen has a built-in upgrade path with the E5, which means that, for another check, I can add these capabilities.


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