Garmin International G5


Garmin’s G5 can be configured as an artificial horizon or directional gyro and mounts into the same instrument panel openings as the removed mechanical instruments. A stack of two, as depicted at right, helps eliminate the vacuum system and “offers reversionary display capability plus the added redundancy of dual ADAHRS and dual backup batteries,” according to Garmin.

Some additional equipment may be needed for the full functionality I want. For example, a magnetometer like Garmin’s GMU 11 is required. For the air data features I want, the GAD 13 outside air temperature (OAT) adapter and the GTP 59 OAT probe also may be needed. Interfacing my autopilot may require the GAD 29B.

To the best of my understanding, neither G5 instrument presently will display a moving map or ADS-B traffic and Nexrad weather radar. There also doesn’t seem to be an upgrade path with the G5s, at least at the present time. They can be installed individually on separate occasions or together, during the same shop visit.


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