Create Your Own Prevention Strategy


You may already be certificated and not engaged in the training system. You can, however, successfully avoid being a “VFR into IMC” statistic. The key to safe operation is using effective risk management and tailoring your operations to your (realistic) capabilities and those of your aircraft:

Cessna fog

– If instrument rated and your aircraft is suitably equipped, plan to file IFR when the weather is marginal. Don’t be tempted to “scud run” when there’s a safer and more efficient option.

– If not instrument-rated, recognize you’ll need to apply higher weather minimums to your operation to provide adequate margins and mitigate risks associated with marginal weather.

– Regardless of your ratings, if you still end up getting boxed in, don’t be afraid to use your autopilot and other automation to climb out of trouble, then confess your situation to ATC. You’ll avoid becoming a “VFR into IMC” statistic and live to fly another day.

foggy plane runway


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