Garmins Flightstream


Garmins Flightstream 110/210 is the hardware side of the companys Connext wireless Bluetooth technology, which provides an interface between the companys panel-mounted avionics-the GNS- and GTN-series navigators-and the pilots tablet-based EFB app, as pictured. On a tablet, the benefits of Connext are only available when running Garmins Pilot app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

In the top-end 210 version of Flightstream, the iPad uses the Pilot app to establish two-way data communication. For now, the principal benefit is allowing flight plans generated on the iPad to be fed to the panel. For example, you can file your flight plan on your tablet via the FBOs WiFi and bring that plan to the plane, then download (upload?) it to the panel-mounted navigator with or without knob-twisting.

Another upfront benefit of using Connext is overcoming the panel-mounted units inability to understand Victor airways, long a wish-list item for the companys customers. Using Connext and appropriate software, airways can be programmed into flight plans on the units, solving the problem.

Ultimately, Connext and similar capabilities are hedges against obsolescence: Theres no way the display technology and software capabilities presently available in panel-mounted avionics can economically keep up with portable devices and EFB apps over the installed products anticipated lifespans.


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