Apr. 1, Chicago, Ill. / Two Boeing 747s


At 02:20 CST, an Air China cargo 747 and a Korean Air passenger 747 nearly collided on runway 14R at the OHare International Airport. The Air China 747 had landed at OHare just prior to the incident. The Korean Air 747 was departing. Air China landed on 14R and was cleared to turn off the runway via a right turn on taxiway Tango 10, a left turn on taxiway Kilo, and to cross runway 27L to the cargo ramp. The controller cleared the Korean Air flight for takeoff as the Air China flight was clearing the runway. The Air China flight made the right turn onto Tango 10 then made a left turn onto taxiway Mike. The Air China flight entered runway 14R as the Korean Air flight was lifting off. The Korean Air flight crossed 25 to 50 feet over the top of the Air China flight.


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