April 14, Robbinsville, N.J. / Minimax 1500R


At 1512 eastern time, a homebuilt Minimax 1500R was damaged during a forced landing at Trenton-Robbinsville Airport. The pilot suffered minor injuries. The pilot said it was the airplanes inaugural flight. He had previously made high-speed taxi tests that involved short periods of being airborne. After initial takeoff, he stayed in the traffic pattern and did one landing. He then climbed to 2,500 feet and continued flight testing. He then returned to the traffic pattern. The first two approaches resulted in go-arounds. On the third approach, the airplane ballooned and he applied power to go around again. The airplane would not develop enough power to maintain altitude, and the airplane crashed into trees. Examination of the fuel system revealed contamination of the fuel filter with small particles of sealant used on the threaded fittings of the fuel system.


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