April 2, 2011, Roswell, N.M., Gulfstream G-VI


The airplane was substantially damaged at about 0934 Mountain time when it impacted terrain during takeoff. Visual conditions prevailed. The pilot, co-pilot and two technical crewmembers were fatally injured. The airplane was operating as an experimental during certification flight tests and was performing a takeoff with a simulated engine failure to determine take-off distance requirements at minimum flap setting.

Wingtip scrape marks beginning approximately 5300 feet from the end of the runway led toward the final resting spot about 3800 feet from the first marks on the runway. Witnesses saw the airplane sliding on the ground with sparks and smoke coming from the bottom of the wing, and described the airplane being fully involved in fire while still moving across the ground. The airplane struck several obstructions and came to rest upright about 200 feet from the base of the airport control tower. Several airport rescue and firefighting units responded quickly and fought the fire.


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