March 19, 2011, Mesa, Ariz., Cirrus SR22


At about 1158 Mountain time, the airplane was substantially damaged when it veered off the runway and struck an unoccupied, parked Cessna 172 during an attempted go-around. The private pilot/owner, two passengers and two dogs on board were not injured; no persons on the ground were injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

The pilot later stated the flight and approach were unremarkable but, in the landing flare, the airplane “buoyed up,” and he then elected to go around. He attempted to add power but the engine “lost power” instead. The Cirrus landed hard, veered to the left, and struck the Cessna, which was parked southeast of the runway. All occupants were able to exit the Cirrus, and no fire ensued. The pilot reported at some point during the attempted go-around the flaps were retracted and the airplane then descended to impact the runway.


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