April 28, 2007, Hamilton, Mon., Britten-Norman BN-2A-20


The airplane impacted terrain at approximately 1100 Mountain time during an attempted engine-out landing. The Airline Transport pilot and sole occupant received minor injuries; the aircraft sustained substantial damage. Visual conditions prevailed. According to the pilot, during the initial climb after takeoff, just after the aircraft passed 400 feet agl, he shut off the fuel boost pumps in preparation for the en route climb. Soon thereafter, one of the engines quit without warning. He immediately feathered the propeller and started looking for a place to put down the aircraft. Because there is rising terrain and scattered houses south of the airport, he maneuvered to an open area. Just before the aircraft touched down, it stall/mushed into the terrain, collapsed one of its landing gear legs, and slid into a power pole. The pilot estimated he had 65 gallons of fuel at the time of takeoff.


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