Aug. 19, Collinsville, Okla. / Cessna 150


At 15:09 central time, a Cessna 150 crashed in an uncontrolled descent following takeoff from the south runway at the Sky Haven Airpark, a private grass airstrip near Collinsville. The pilot was killed. A witness said two Cessna 150s taxied to the north end of the airstrip. The accident airplane was number one for departure. As the airplane climbed through 50 feet the pilot banked 35-40 degrees to the left and climbed to about 200 feet. Then he made a 45-degree banked turn to the left and wagged his wings in very steep banks. He then made another 45-degree banked turn and continued wagging his wings. During the recovery from the last wag, the airplane apparently stalled and made a one-turn spin to the ground.


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