Aug. 9, Gleneden Beach, Ore. / Cessna 172


At approximately 14:45 Pacific time, a Cessna 172N overran runway 35 and struck trees following an aborted takeoff at the Siletz Bay State Airport. The pilot sustained minor injuries. The flight was to have been a brief local evaluation of weather conditions before departing for Salem, Ore. The pilot said he decided to evaluate the weather conditions around the airport before departing with his wife and two children back to Salem. He taxied out to runway 35 but did not complete the Before Takeoff checklist prior to initiating his takeoff roll. He was unable to rotate the nose and realized that the aircraft control lock was still engaged. The aircraft overran the departure end of the 3,000 foot runway while traveling approximately 40 knots, went down an embankment and struck a number of small trees.


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