August 12, Rochester, N.Y. / Cessna 172RG


At about 1045 eastern time, a Cessna 172RG was damaged during a hard landing at Greater Rochester International Airport. The pilot was not injured. The pilot had flown from Rochester to Brockport and back. During the outbound leg, he suspected the airspeed indicator was reading low for his altitude and power setting, but was not convinced it was a significant problem. He landed at Brockport and departed for the return leg without exiting the airplane. On approach to Rochester, he was cleared to land on runway 22, the main runway, which led him to attempt to expedite the landing. He touched down with a high airspeed and descent rate, and the airplane was damaged in the bounced landing. Examination of the airspeed indicator showed it was slow to respond to changes in airspeed and the pitot system contained numerous leaks.


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