August 19, 2008, Jeannette, Penn., Piper PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer


At about 1852 Eastern time, the airplane went off the right side of the runway during the landing rollout. The airplane received substantial damage. Visual conditions prevailed. The private pilot and one passenger reported no injuries.

The pilot later stated he made two visual approaches and go-arounds due to the airplane being too high. On the third approach, the airplane bounced and touched down on the runway 1300 feet past the landing threshold. He aligned the airplane with the centerline of the runway and applied upward pressure on the manual brake to slow the airplane. After reapplying brake pressure without response, the pilot observed the brake cable had separated and began S-turning the airplane in an attempt to stop. Approaching the runways end, he applied right rudder to turn the airplane off the right side of the runway. The right main landing gear came up off the runway, and the propeller and left wing tip collided with the runway. The airplane continued off the runway and the nose wheel collapsed.


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