August 6, 2006, Bellefonte, Pa./Piper PA-46-350P


At about 1130 Eastern daylight time, the airplane was substantially damaged during a takeoff attempt. The Private pilot and five passengers were not injured. Visual conditions prevailed for the planned cross-country flight

Subsequently, the pilot stated that start-up, taxi and engine run-up seemed normal. The takeoff roll was longer than the pilot expected, but the airplane lifted off with approximately 1000 feet of runway remaining. The airplane then climbed approximately 100 feet, but did not seem to have enough power to continue climbing. After the pilot retracted the landing gear and flaps, the airplane settled back toward the runway. The airplane subsequently overran the runway, came to rest in a field and a post-crash fire ensued. However, all occupants egressed safely before the fire consumed the airplane. The pilot further stated that his weight and balance calculations revealed that the airplane was 50 pounds below its maximum gross takeoff weight.


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