Cut, Broken, Cracked

The following information is derived from the FAA’s Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Beechcraft Model V35A Bonanza
Cut Rudder Control Tube

During an annual inspection, the right ruddervator trim control cable was found routed incorrectly and cutting through the right ruddervator control tube approximately 75 percent. The tube also had signs of a crack originating from the damaged section of the tube (cut area), and had begun to bend as a result of weakening. There were no maintenance entries noted in the logbook to determine when this may have occurred.


Part Total Time: (unknown)

Beechcraft Model 58 Baron
Broken Nose Gear Retraction Arm

The nose gear arm (p/n 35-825172-13) failed upon extension of the landing gear on approach. The pilot landed the aircraft and the nose gear collapsed, causing significant damage to the aircraft, including propeller strikes and sudden stoppages of both engines. Actual cause of the part failure has not been determined at this time.
Part Total Time: (unknown)

Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A
Cracked Oil Baffle

This baffle (p/n LW-13383) has been replaced by a second (p/n 56G23399) and a third (p/n 56G26069). During the first 50-hour inspection, the suction oil screen was removed for condition inspection and the head of a steel rivet was found in the screen. The oil baffle had one rivet head missing and three of the six attaching holes had circular cracks emanating from under the washers. All housing attach points had been scored by the sharp edges of the washers.
Part Total Time: 83.5 hours

TCM S6LN-1209 Magneto
Loose Distributor Gear

After a reported magneto failure, the component (p/n BL-349310-1) was disassembled. Upon inspection, brass-colored metal shavings were observed under the distributor cap and near the gear. The distributor gear was loose in its bearing, allowing the rotor to contact ignition studs, wearing them excessively and increasing the gaps, resulting in the magneto failing to produce spark.
Part Total Time: 60.0 hours

TCM S6RSC-25P Magneto
Broken Distributor Gear Teeth

This magneto failed approximately 100-150 hours after a 500-hour inspection performed in accordance with the TCM System Support Manual. The distributor gear was found with several teeth broken. The teeth were retained inside the magneto case. No other parts were found out of place inside the magneto case.
Part Total Time: 1000.0 hours.


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