December 04, Harrison, Ark. / Beech Bonanza


At approximately 1006 central time, a Beech S35 was destroyed when it crashed while on final approach to runway 36 at Boone County Airport. The pilot and passenger were killed. An IFR flight plan was filed for the approximately 45-minute flight from Little Rock to Harrison. At 0956, the flight was cleared for the ILS Runway 36 approach. The pilots last communication with the controller reported that he was on a quarter-mile final for runway 36. The pilot also reported on the Unicom frequency, saying that his approach was high and he was going to maneuver to a downwind for runway 36. Several witnesses observed the airplane flying south at a low altitude. One witness said the airplane just missed the roof of a commercial building and a stand of trees approximately 50 feet tall. The airplanes downwind-to-base turn was described as a real sharp or hard left turn. The FBO employee monitoring the Unicom frequency observed the airplane on its approach and stated that it overshot the runway then turned steeply from base to final. Other witnesses described a steep turn with the nose pitching up and a twisting or pivoting motion, after which the airplane nosed straight down to the ground.


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