December 3, 2008, Rio Grande, P.R., Rockwell International 690B


At about 1205 Atlantic time, the airplane was destroyed when it impacted terrain. The airline transport pilot and two passengers were killed. Instrument conditions prevailed for the Part 135 on-demand flight.

According to preliminary data, While descending at 250 knots groundspeed, ATC queried the pilot about his altitude. The pilot advised he was descending to 3200 feet msl. The pilot was asked to confirm he was in VMC and ATC advised the minimum vectoring altitude for the area was 5500 feet msl. Just prior to the accident, an airplane was heard flying at low altitude over El Yunque National Forest on an approximate heading of 260 degrees near state road 191. Moments later an explosion was heard. Witnesses reported fog and rain obscured mountains in the area.


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