December 8, 2004, Tulsa, Okla. / Beech B200 King Air


At approximately 1831 Central time, the airplane was destroyed when it impacted terrain approximately four miles north of Runway 18L at the Tulsa International Airport. The Private pilot/owner, who was the sole occupant, sustained minor injuries. Night visual conditions prevailed for the Part 91 business flight, which originated from the La Crosse (Wis.) Municipal Airport (LSE). The 2100-hour pilot subsequently stated that, while approximately 47 nm north of the destination, the fuel gauges indicated approximately 200 pounds of fuel each for a total of 400 pounds. Approximately six miles from the runway, the right engine started to sputter before it finally quit. The left engine quit just a few moments later. The auto ignition system installed in the airplane attempted to restart the engines. The engines restarted momentarily, and then quit once more. The pilot spotted a street below and stalled the airplane in an empty space directly over the street. After a hard landing onto the street, the right wing hit a telephone pole, and the left wing then hit several tree limbs before the airplane impacted a hill and came to a stop. There was no post-impact fire.


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