December 9, 2008, Millington, Tenn., Mitsubishi MU-2B-60


At 1058 Central time, the airplane was substantially damaged while returning to land following an engine failure. The airline transport pilot incurred minor injuries. Visual conditions prevailed. According to the pilot, the airplane was based at a nearby airport. He had flown to the second airport to buy fuel and was on his way back to meet a passenger when the event began.

After takeoff, about 2 miles from the second airport, the right engine lost power and the pilot feathered the propeller. The pilot added full power to the left engine and opted to return to the second airport. About that time, winds and wind shear increased, and the airplane encountered heavy rain. Approaching the second airport, the landed partway down the runway before veering off the left side. Once the airplane landed and came to a stop, arriving firefighters found the pilot was still inside the airplane, the right engine was shut down, and the left engine was still running “at high speed.” Firefighters subsequently sprayed foam into the left engine to stall it, and after it shut down, they removed the pilot from the airplane. Heavy rain/thunderstorms were present the entire time of the incident.

The majority of the left wing was found broken off about halfway along the ground track, and where the airplane came to rest, the left fuselage was found severed in the vicinity of the left propeller.


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