February 17, Exeter, R.I. / Rockwell Twin Commander


About 1752 eastern time, a Rockwell 500S crashed while on approach to Quonset State Airport, killing the pilot. The flight was inbound to Newport State Airport and cleared for the Localizer Runway 22 approach, circle to runway 34. However, the pilot flew through the localizer and reported he was having all sorts of problems. The controller said the weather was better at Green State Airport, and the pilot requested vectors there. The pilot was unable to get established on the approach, again reporting, I have problems. The controller asked what kinds of problems he was having, and the pilot replied, Im all over the place. I think Im iced up. The controller suggested heading for Quonset, which was four miles away. The pilot replied, Give me something. Radar and radio communication was then lost. One witness reported the airplane descending at a 45-degree angle to the ground. Weather reports in the area included temperatures a few degrees above freezing, light rain, low ceilings, and visibilities of 6-8 miles.


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