February 2, 2007, Cape Girardeau, Mo., Beech/Raytheon B200 King Air


At about 1030 Central time, the airplane sustained substantial damage during an uncontrolled descent and recovery from cruise flight at FL270. Visual conditions prevailed. The flightcrew subsequently reported depressurizing the airplane after its windshield began cracking. They donned oxygen masks but were unable to obtain oxygen from the system, resulting in loss of consciousness. They later regained consciousness, recovered from the descent, and landed without further incident. The pilot and copilot were uninjured. Approximately 2/3 of the left horizontal stabilizer and elevator were separated from the aircraft and 2/3 of the right elevator was separated but attached at the inboard hinge. The left and right wings were wrinkled. The left pilot windshield outer and inner ply were intact. The inner ply exhibited a shattered appearance with a crack at the lower right hand corner of the windshield. The cabin pressurization dump switch was in the dump position. The oxygen system worked when it was functionally tested in accordance with Airplane Flight Manual.


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