February 3, 2007, Palos Verdes, Calif., Waco UPF-7/Boeing A75N1(PT17)


The two airplanes collided in midair at about 1500 Pacific time, during an attempted formation flight of three airplanes. The Airline Transport pilot and sole occupant of the Waco sustained minor injuries, while the Private pilot and sole occupant of the Boeing was not injured. The Waco sustained substantial damage and the Boeing sustained minor damage. Visual conditions prevailed. According to interviews conducted by the NTSB, the Boeing was in a left echelon formation trailing another airplane when the Waco attempted to move into the left echelon position where the Boeing was already positioned. The Boeings propeller and the Wacos tail assembly contacted each other. After the collision, both airplanes departed the formation. The Boeing was able to land without further incident. The Wacos pilot was not able to maintain level flight and subsequently landed the airplane in shallow water at the Cabrillo Beach Park, San Pedro, Calif.


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