February 6, 2013, Casa Grande, Ariz. Beech E90 King Air


At about 1135 Mountain time, the airplane sustained substantial damage when it collided with terrain while maneuvering. The private pilot, who occupied the left seat, and the CFI occupying the right seat sustained fatal injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.

A line service person who assisted the pilot in preparing the airplane for the flight reported the pilot mentioned he and the CFI were going up to practice some maneuvers. Several witnesses reported observing the airplane over the runway in an extremely steep bank angle to the left and in a severely nose-down attitude prior to impact with terrain. Two witnesses reported the airplane was at about 200 to 300 feet agl when it entered the steep descent.

Examination of the wreckage revealed the airplane cartwheeled for about 50 feet before coming to rest upright. A fire, which erupted immediately following impact, consumed various sections of the airplane. The examination further revealed that all major components necessary for flight were accounted for at the accident site.


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