Jan. 15, San Luis Obispo, Calif. / Cessna Turbo Centurion and Cessna 310


At 07:30 Pacific time, a Cessna T210L and a Cessna 310 collided in the run-up area for runway 29 at San Luis Obispo Airport. No one was injured. The pilot of the 210 said the morning sun restricted his vision to the point where he could not see in front of the airplane and he never saw the Cessna 310 in the run-up area. The pilot of the Cessna 310 stated his airplane was stationary and he was looking inside performing prop governor checks and at the last second saw a white flash in the corner of his eye. The right wing of the Cessna T210L was severed approximately 6 feet inboard of the wingtip when it contacted the right propeller of the Cessna 310.


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