September 24, St. George, Utah / Cessna Skymaster


At approximately 16:15 mountain time, a Cessna 337B struck a power line and crashed in St. George. The pilot was killed. The ferry flight originated in Mesquite, Nev., approximately 20 minutes earlier. The interior of the airplane, including avionics and some instruments, had been removed with refurbishing scheduled at a later date. The fuel selector panel and handles were also removed. The pilot flew the airplane to Mesquite in February 2001, where it had been repainted. He was ferrying the airplane back to St. George when the accident occurred. Prior to takeoff, he requested that 15 gallons of fuel be added to each side. The airplane was next seen on a left base leg for runway 34, but the pilot was forced to abandon the approach due to traffic departing on runway 16. The airplane was next seen on a left downwind leg for runway 16 with the front prop barely turning when the airplane struck power lines.


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