January 09, Jean, Nev. / Aeronca 7AC


At about 1330 Pacific time, an Aeronca 7AC struck a Boeing Stearman PT17 after the 7AC started and left its parking place while being hand-propped. Both airplanes were damaged. The pilot of the Aeronca, and individual who had been holding the airplanes tail and a bystander who attempted to render assistance all received minor injuries. The pilot of the Aeronca was attempting to start the airplane without anyone at the controls. The pilot of the Stearman was waiting in the run-up area and intended to depart with the Aeronca. When the Aeronca did finally start, the airplane got away from both the pilot and the individual who was attempting to hold the tail. The Aeronca then turned to the right until its right front struck the right front of the Boeing.


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