January 1, 2006, Dawson, Ga. / Beech D55 Baron


The airplane was substantially damaged and the Private pilot and one passenger were fatally injured when the airplane crashed during an approach at 1447 Eastern time. A pilot-rated passenger and two additional passengers received serious injuries. Instrument conditions prevailed. At 1335, the pilot requested an approach to Moultrie, Ga., which he missed. The pilot then requested vectors to the ILS Runway 4 approach at Albany, Ga. The pilot was cleared for that approach but, at 1430, advised the controller that he needed an airport nearby, as he was running out of fuel. The controller asked the pilot if he had ground contact, and he replied, negative. The controller then asked how much fuel remained in time, and the pilot responded about 15 minutes. The controller issued vectors to the Dawson Airport, and at 1441 radar contact was lost with the airplane. The controller continued to call the pilot, and at 1442, the pilot reported they were trying to get this thing down. The initial impact point was approximately 590 feet from the approach end of Runway 31 and 110 feet to the south. The airplane came to rest on a heading of 103 degrees, facing the approach end of Runway 31.


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