January 17, 2011, Charlotte Amalie, U.S.V.I., Convair 340-71


At about 0810 Atlantic time, the airplane experienced an in-flight fire aft of the left engine shortly after takeoff. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the Part 91 positioning flight. The airplane sustained substantial heat damage to the rear wing spar; the airline transport pilot and commercial pilot were not injured.

The tower controller noticed smoke coming from the left engine during the takeoff and advised the flight crew. The co-pilot visually inspected the left engine and confirmed the fire. The captain performed the procedures for fire and secured the left engine, but the fire continued. The flight returned for an emergency landing; airport fire rescue vehicles chasing the airplane during its landing roll avoided airplane debris separating because of the fire. The captain later reported there was no steering, the brakes were not working properly and there was a malfunction with the aileron control system as a direct result of the fire.


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