January 17, Sinton, Texas / Beech Sundowner


At approximately 21:13 central time, a Beech C23 struck trees while making a missed approach on the VOR-DME 14 approach at Sinton San Patricio County Airport. The pilot was killed. The pilot was returning home after making an Angel Flight and was cleared for the approach. He was instructed to maintain 2,000 feet until established on the final approach course. He then reported being unable to see the airport and the controller told him to fly the published missed approach. The pilot then said he had the airport in sight underneath him. The controller asked if he was landing and he said yes. The controller asked him if he was canceling IFR and he said no. He crashed just west of the airport close to what would have been a final approach course. Witnesses reported floating fog and mist in the area at the time.


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