January 27, Alexandria, Minn. / Bellanca Super Viking


At 12:47 central time, a Bellanca 17-30A crashed at Chandler Field Airport, killing the pilot and passenger. IMC prevailed and the pilot was not instrument rated. A flight instructor said he discussed the weather with the pilot before takeoff and asked if the pilot was instrument rated. The pilot said he had completed the training but had not yet taken the checkride. The instructor repeatedly tried to talk the pilot out of making the flight, but he started the airplane and taxied to the runway. When the pilot announced his intention over the CTAF to take off, the instructor advised him to be careful of the freezing fog and sleet that was falling at the time. The instructor added that about five minutes after the airplane took off … someone keyed their mike and we heard heavy breathing and cussing over the radio. The instructor and another witness looked out the window to see the airplane heading toward the building. The pilot then banked steeply to the left and the airplane crashed. There was 1/8th inch of ice on the leading edges of the wings and empennage and the wheels were extended.


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