July 06, 2004, Batavia, Ohio / Grumman American AA-1


At about 1500 Eastern time, the accident aircraft was substantially damaged during an attempted takeoff from the Clermont County Airport in Batavia, Ohio. Both aboard sustained minor injuries. Visual conditions prevailed. During the first attempted takeoff from Runway 22 (paved, 3568 feet), the pilot was not able to obtain enough lift. During the second attempt, witnesses observed the airplane in a steep pitch attitude. It then descended into a field and flipped over. A weight-and-balance calculation performed by an FAA inspector after the accident revealed the airplane was about 110 pounds above its maximum gross takeoff weight. In addition, the runway sloped upward, approximately 30 feet, over its full length. The weather reported at an airport about 10 miles west of the accident site at 1453 local time included calm winds.


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