July 06, 2004, Hailey, Idaho / Mooney M20R


The airplane was substantially damaged following a loss of control while landing at the Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) in Hailey, Idaho, at about 1542 local time. The Private pilot and sole occupant was not injured. The pilot subsequently reported that, while on approach to Runway 31, he was keeping his speed up and landed hot due to a jet which was behind him. The pilot stated that he initially touched down in the first 300 feet of the available runway, but bounced twice. The pilot further stated, I didnt like the landing and decided to go around. The pilot reported that after the second bounce, and while still airborne, he added full power, …but nothing happened. There was no acceleration. The pilot related that the airplane subsequently settled back on the runway before sliding off the right side and impacting a taxiway sign with the inboard section of the left wing.Reported weather at SUN included wind velocity of 270 degrees at 8 knots.


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